Free Book: Deploying & Scaling Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source framework for automating deploying & scaling application that are containerised. The framework was built based on Google’s experience of running billions of containers for over a decade. Kubernetes solves following problems among others

  • Running containers at scale by matching available resources to needs of containers. Instead of managing individual machines you look at the cluster of machines as one large machine and orchestration is taken care for you.
  • Built in service discovery and load balancing so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining information and linkages between various components
  • Rolling deploys and rollbacks with a customizable strategy for canary releases as well as rolling deploys.
  • Ability to manage configurations and secrets related to applications effectively.
  • Orchestrating storage dynamically from underlying block storage provider of your private or public cloud.

We at infraCloud technologies have written an eBook on Kubernetes for Rancher. The book covers crucial concepts, walks through setting up Kubernetes and describes in detail how to deploy, scale and monitor multi-service containerised  applications. Get your free copy of the book here (

Rancher is an open source container management platform which makes it easy to deploy and can run Mesos Docker Swarm and Cattle orchestration engines and provides additional capabilities.

Girish & Vishal – authors of the eBook are founders of infraCloud technologies – a programmable infrastructure company specializing in Containers, Cloud & DevOps.

Vishal Biyani

Vishal Biyani has worked across the whole spectrum of SDLC from developing code to deploying code and supporting customer. Vishal's roles have spanned from being a consultant to Fortune 500 companies to hands on platform building for Internet scale companies. Vishal is a DevOps practitioner, likes to work in Agile environments with a focus on Test Driven Development. Vishal's interests span continuous delivery, Kubernetes, containers and security. Before founding InfraCloud he worked in companies like HCL and AudienceScience building multiple Cloud and DevOps solutions.

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